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Nick Anthony is a guitar tech in Pasadena, MD specializing in guitar setup and repair. Anthony Instrument Repair also offers customization, repair and setup on all other stringed instruments. Nick is a factory trained Taylor Guitars service tech as well as an authorized Lowden Guitars warranty tech.

A word from the owner:
At my guitar repair shop we do not perform big box store one size fits all set ups.  Everyone’s playing style is a little different and I realize and appreciate that.  I will personally take the time to sit down with you and discuss how we can get the most out of your guitar.  We will work together to decide the best way to customize your set up to fit your personal playing style and needs as an artist.  Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast I am certain I can make you happier with the way your guitar performs.  Until your guitar is properly set up I guarantee it’s ability to perform is greatly hindered.  That being said, if you are in need of any guitar repair work, customization or set up do not hesitate to call or stop in. My shop is conveniently located in at 2512 Mountain Rd, Pasadena MD 21122.

(410) 598-7893

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